Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oracle RAC 11gR2 Issues

This post is some of the oracle articles I found in the Oracle support knowledge base website during my Oracle RAC 11gR2 installation. You might find them useful if you encounter similar issue. Take note a login account is required to access the website.

Article ID
CLUVFY Fails with TCP Check PRVF-7617 Due to Case of Node Names [ID 1286394.1]
Troubleshooting 11.2 Grid Infastructure Installation Issues [ID 1053970.1]
CRS Does not Start after Node Reboot in 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure [ID 1215893.1]
Grid Infrastructure Installation: Stalls Due to Improper localhost Setting [ID 1155903.1]
Recommendation for the Real Application Cluster Interconnect and Jumbo Frames [ID 341788.1]

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