Monday, September 5, 2011


This example shows the steps to allow the DMP to use as multipathing software for VCS LVMVG SG on AIX.

Step 1: Ensure Enclosure Based Name (EBN) name is used and dmp_native_support is ON
vxddladm get namingscheme
vxddladm set namingscheme=ebn [persistence={yes|no}] [use_avid=yes|no] [lowercase=yes|no]
vxdmpadm gettune |grep dmp_native_support
vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=on

Step 2: Remove device from from VxVm and create LVM VG on node1
vxdisk rm emc0_25
chpv -C emc0_25 (clear PVID if any)
mkvg -f -y vmaxlvmvg emc0_25
mklv -t jfs2log vmaxlvmvg 1
mkfs -o log=/dev/loglv01 -V jfs2 /dev/vmax_lvm
mklv -t jfs2 -y vmaxlvmlv vmaxlvmvg 1G
crfs -v jfs -m <mount point> -d <logical volume>
lspv |grep vmaxlvmvg (identify PVID)

Step3:  set physical volume (pv) to the other node2
chdev -l emc1_25 -a pv=yes
lsattr -El emc1_25

Step 4: Export/Import VG on both cluster node
exportvg vmaxlvmvg (node1)
varyoffvg vmaxlvmvg
importvg -V major_number -y vmaxlvmvg emc0_25
varyoffvg vmaxlvmvg

lvlstmajor (node 2)
importvg -V major_number -y vmaxlvmvg emc1_25
varyoffvg vmaxlvmvg

If there's any problem bring online under VCS, refer to for troubeshooting.

Note: If third party driver (TDPmode) eg. PowerPath is used for multipathing. Step 1 can be skipped and PP pseudo name is normally used for VG creation, ie mkvg -y vmaxlvmvg hdiskpower25. Refer to page 154 for more details.

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