Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Veritas Thin Reclamation on EMC Storage

Here is some simple steps to do thin reclamation with Veritas Volume Manager. That's provided that all the necessary environments have been done such as host/storage/vxvm.

Refer to VxVM version and Array firmware requirements.

Step 1: Ensure the device TYPE is thinrclm
#vxdisk -o thin list
DEVICE          SIZE(mb)     PHYS_ALLOC(mb)  GROUP           TYPE     
emc_clariion0_63 102400       N/A             CX_thin     thinrclm 
emc0_1766       1031         N/A              VMAX_thin thinrclm
emc0_1767       1031         N/A              VMAX_thin thinrclm
emc0_1768       1031         N/A              VMAX_thin thinrclm
emc0_1760       1031         N/A              VMAX_thin thinrclm

Step 2: Enable the dmp write log to syslog (if you want to view the log)
#vxdmpadm settune dmp_log_level=3
write_same with offset and length

Step 3: Perform Thin Reclamation via:
#vxdisk reclaim CX_thin
Reclaiming thin storage on:
Disk emc_clariion0_63 : Done.

#vxdisk reclaim VMAX_thin
Reclaiming thin storage on:
Disk emc0_1768 : Done.
Disk emc0_1769 : Done.
Disk emc0_1766 : Done.
Disk emc0_1767 : Done.


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