Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SF Oracle RAC (SFRAC) Service Group go into partial state after paths failure

When there are paths failure on SFRAC cluster node1 causing the node2 and/or node3 Service Group goes into partial state. This is due to the default disk detach policy set as global in the share diskgroup. "vxdg" can be used to view the setting and "vxedit" can be used to change the setting. Refer to What is the disk detach policy for shared disk groups and how can it be changed? for more detail.

#vxdg list sfracdg
#vxedit -g sfracdg set diskdetpolicy=local sfracdg

# hastatus -sum
-- System               State                Frozen
A  node1           RUNNING              0
A  node2           RUNNING              0

-- Group           System               Probed     AutoDisabled    State
B  cvm             node1           Y          N   ONLINE
B  cvm             node2           Y          N   ONLINE
B  sfrac           node1           Y          N   PARTIAL
B  sfrac           node2           Y          N   PARTIAL

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